< It returns to top page. < Escape from bathroom

The sound is emitted and note the volume, please.

How to play

The operation can play only a mouse click.

It confirms the operation with IE6.
It is not possible to support it for operation by browsers other than IE.

‘The item can be used by selecting it.

‘When the item is selected and "about item" is clicked, details are seen.

‘The combination of items opens a detailed screen by "about item".

In addition, please choose the item and click a detailed screen.

Teaching people the answer of all the mysteries forbids until one weeks pass from an open day.
July 4, public presentation.


In this site, the link is free.

When it is linked with this site
It would be greatly appreciated when it is possible to report with
the mail form or mail.

Direct game link prohibition
The link...
.. I hope.

When there are a bug etc.
It survives when it is possible to teach.

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